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SOMA Recovery PRO® - Ice Barrel

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Introducing our flagship product, the SOMA Recovery PRO® Ice Barrel, stronger, lighter, and better insulated than the competition, all at a competitive price. Trusted by world-class athletes, wellness enthusiasts, and high-performance individuals.

Constructed from ultra-durable, lightweight, Millitary-Grade materials that form a thick, robust,  rubberized wall. Powered by our exclusive RigidTempLockTech™, featuring a ridged interior that forms air pockets creating an effective thermal barrier that encapsulates the cold.

The Thermo Insulated Lid’s tight, impermeable seal not only preserves the cold, maintaining water temperatures at 15°C or below without needing ice in most climates, but also keeps the water pristine by keeping debris out. For precise temperature control, simply connect the Recovery PRO to the SOMA Chiller for precise, perfectly chilled water at your convenience.


  • Fully Insulated: Engineered with robust, thick walls and powered by RigidTempLockTech™ for innovative market-leading insulation.
  • Ultra-Durable: Constructed from durable, lightweight millitary-grade materials.
  • Compact & Portable: Easily portable ice bath suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Spacious & Ergonomic: Circular design comfortably accommodates individuals up to 6ft 7in for full-body immersion.
  • Easy Maintenance: Equipped with a user-friendly drainage system and stain-resistant, easy-to-clean interior.
SOMA Recovery PRO® - Ice Barrel
SOMA Recovery PRO® - Ice Barrel Sale price£299.00 Regular price£500.00


Increase in dopamine release


Increase in Noradrenaline released


Reduction of stress hormone cortisol levels


Decrease in sick days
Ice Barrel Ice Bath in snow

Elevate your wellness routine

Permanent & portable, 5 min set up.

The SOMA Ice Barrel's sturdy, inflatable design enables a quick and tool-free 5-minute setup and takedown, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor use, at home or on the go. Experience the freedom to enhance your wellness routine anytime, anywhere.

Plug & plunge or simply add ice

Seamlessly connect it to the SOMA Chill chiller for precise temperature control down to 5°C, or simply fill with water, add ice and immerse yourself in professional grade cold water therapy, all at exceptional value.

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The Soma Difference

Professional Grade recovery, from home

Ice Barrel secured with clip

Clinic-Grade Cold Water Therapy, At Home

Experience the same reliable cold-water therapy trusted by the world's best athletes, now at home or on-the-go, for a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. Don’t spend thousands on unnecessarily expensive 'Premium Ice baths.'

The SOMA Ice Barrel is engineered from robust, Clinic-Grade materials, ensuring extreme durability to withstand rigorous daily use and the harshest environmental conditions, all while maintaining a lightweight and easily portable profile.

Insulation Tech for cold water therapy

Expertly Designed, Innovative Tech

Thoughtfully designed by experts, the SOMA Recovery Pro® Ice Barrel features our advanced RigidTempLockTech™. This technology, in synergy with our uniquely ridged interior, creates air pockets that form an effective thermal barrier.

This design substantially minimises external heat transfer, maintaining constant temperatures below 15 degrees without the need for a chiller or extra ice in most climates.


Engineered with precision and care, setting new industry standards for safety, durability, and reliability. Designed for daily rigorous use, every Ice Barrel undergoes extensive testing and stringent quality control measures to ensure it meets our high standards for performance, durability, safety, and reliability

5 Stars


The SOMA Recovery Pro has really blown me away with its sturdiness. The walls are super strong – I can even sit on them without any worry! It's been my go-to for travels because it's so reliable and easy to set up. I've recommended it to my entire rugby team, and now half the team has one and they are all loving them.

5 Stars


I was let down when my previous ice bath tub couldn't withstand the UK's rainy weather and essentially just collapsed. The soma pro on the other hand is completely rainproof and the quality is in a different league altogether. Highly recommended for anyone interested in cold water therapy.

5 Stars


I was debating which ice bath to buy for a while, i was initially going to purchase a lie in ice bath after seeing them online, but after hearing that breathwork is more effective when seated, I opted for the Soma Ice Barrel. I'm really glad I went with it. It comfortably allows for submersion up to the neck, feels really strong and high quality and at a fraction of the price of some of the bathtub style models.

5 Stars


I gifted it to my husband, who does long-distance running, and he loves it. I've also been using it for the health benefits and feel great. It fits well in our garden, looks good, and extremely sturdy and solid for an inflatable ice bath. Our friends are always really intrigued and impressed. Highly recommend for sports recovery and cold water therapy enthusiasts!

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