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Our Story


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Our Mission

SOMA Recovery is a sports therapy and wellness company striving to bring positive change into the world. Reigniting the knowledge of our ancestors in conjunction with modern scientific research we look to create products that reflect a synergy of both experiential wisdom and technological advancements.

We are an emerging leader in the recovery and wellness industry working to aid individuals in not only muscle recovery but also hormone balance, mental health, and wellbeing. We believe in the principle that the sports therapy industry requires a holistic endeavour as performance is not limited to your physiology.  

Part of the SOMA Health Group, we remain a founder-run independent business with clear goals and principles that guide us along our journey. We work to innovate products that bring the equipment and scientific knowledge utilised by elite athletes to our customers.

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why we started SOMA RECOVERY

Our Journey

My journey into ice baths began when I was training heavily and was struggling with slow muscle recovery. I tried everything from muscle creams to cold showers and muscle recovery supplements. A friend, then introduced me to ice baths and I was astonished by the results. I was able to train harder, recover faster and found myself experiencing a new found mental clarity and drive. From that day on I have religiously used ice baths every morning.

My path to creating my own ice bath began when I came to a realisation that all the portable ice baths I purchased suffered from the same key faults. The products would either break or lack the insulative capacity to maintain a cold enough temperature despite their claims. Thus my journey into developing an affordable ice bath began and we have developed and refined the SOMA Recovery Pod and later developed our flagship product the SOMA Recovery PRO® Ice Barrel, created to be the best quality and value professional-grade portable Ice Bath available. Today, the same friend who sparked my journey benefits from using our products.

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Our Future

Following our breakthrough in engineering the most advanced affordable ice bath, we are now developing higher end ice baths and internal cooling systems. Maintaining our focus on quality and precise engineering is integral to our approach moving forward as we strive to maintain our position as market leaders and innovators in the field of cold water immersion.